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Goldstrike Minerals

What we do

Goldstrike Minerals, LLC is an American owned company registered in North Carolina primarily dedicated to the discovery and development of commercial GOLD and BASE METAL DEPOSITS in the Carolina Slate Belt (Carolina Terrane) region of North and South Carolina, Southeastern United States. With over 50 years of field experience, the team at Goldstrike Minerals brings unparalleled knowledge and seasoned field capabilities in the search for new deposits. Our research library of historic publications, reports, and documents dating to the 1800s includes unique early maps, assays and diaries of geologists who have plied this region for over 150 years in search of gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc. We use these resources along with modern technology such as 3-D modeling, ground geophysics, airborne remote sensing, satellite imagery, geochemical sampling of soils, rocks and other materials, plus drilling, trenching and other testing methods, to formulate an assessment of where valuable minerals reside and in what quantities.

Developing valuable mineral properties often involves complex strategies from start to finish. Goldstrike Minerals has the rock-solid experience and capabilities necessary to help a property reach its full potential.

Discover and Develop

We specialize in discovering and developing commercial gold and base metal deposits in the Carolina Slate Belt region. With many decades of combined field experience, our expert team utilizes a combination of historic research, modern technology, and extensive testing methods to assess valuable mineral deposits. Additionally, we have expertise in seeking out high-alumina minerals and other industrial minerals. Count on Goldstrike Minerals to provide the experience and capabilities needed to unlock a property’s full potential. Learn more…

Mining in North Carolina

Amazingly, North Carolina was the site of the FIRST GOLD and FIRST SILVER discoveries in the United States. Early prospectors who plied this region discovered hundreds of profitable mines in the Piedmont beginning in 1803 using European techniques to mine high grade ores underground. Even Charlotte started out as a gold mining town and center for trading gold dust and minting gold coins. Today, modern methods including satellite imagery and deep-reaching geophysics are used to search the ancient volcanic terrains of the Carolina Piedmont that have been so lucrative in the past at producing gold, silver, copper, lead, and zinc. Both historic mines as well as new areas are searched for valuable mineral deposits which, when developed, help reduce our dependence on foreign imports of these metals and other valuable minerals. North Carolina has led the way for almost two centuries at producing more diversified mineral products than almost any other State.